Local Fishing Conditions

The Northwest Corner of Connecticut has some of the best trout waters in the state. We who live here are lucky enough to be within an hour’s drive of the famous “Farmington River and Naugatuct River, where the CT state fisheries division stocks Atlantic Salmon broadstock every year. Both of these rivers receive Rainbow and Brown Trout each year as well, in the spring, and then again in the fall when the levels rise. The Farmington River isn’t only popular with fishermen, but also with canoeists, tubers and kayakers.For practical reasons, the best time to fish the Farmington is when the former aren’t there, so early mornings late afternoons, weekdays and cooler weather. There are multiple Trout Management Areas (TMA) on the Farmington River.

The Northwest Corner is also home to the Housatonic River. The Housatonic isn’t as popular as the other rivers, most likely because it was poisoned for from the 1930’s to the 1970’s with PCB’s at an industrial plant in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The Housatonic River flows into Long Island Sound, the Naugatuck River is the largest tributary of the Housatonic, and the Farmington River flows into the Connecticut River, which also flows into the Sound. On the Housatonic, and on some of the other rivers in the state, fishing in a (TMA) is open year-round; check in the DEEP’s regulation guide for details.

For current weather conditions anywhere in the state,  click here.

For current conditions on the West Branch Farmington River (above the confluence with the Still River in Riverton, CT, and below the Hogback Dam, in Riverton, Connecticut, click here.

For current conditions on the  Farmington River in Unionville, (below the confluence of East and West Branches in New Hartford, CT click here.

For current conditions on the Naugatuck River near Thomaston, CT, click here.

The “Cornwall” TMA on the Housatonic River begins at the intersection of US-7 and CT-112 just below Falls Village.  US-7 follows the river along it’s west side and the Cornwall TMA ends just south of the bridge at CT-4 and US-7 in the hamlet of Cornwall Bridge. For current conditions on the Housatonic River at Falls Village, click here.

For current conditions on the Pomparaug River in Southbury, CT, click here.

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